Holistic Outreach Programs Education Resources


"One Must Invest the Time to

Shine the Light on the Needs of

the Community, Before Real

Change Can Take Place."

                             - Kitty V. Griffin
                               Program Director

​Holistic Outreach Programs Education Resources invites you to become a part of our mission to provide valuable services to the community. For more information 
Click Here.

         Volunteer Services

The benefits of volunteering include: networking contacts development of new skills, an enhanced resume, new work experience, greater self-esteem and confidence, meeting new people, feeling valued and having made a difference in someone's life. By performing charity, work you can:
▪  Help others learn

​▪  Inspire those who are less    fortunate
​▪  Give to the community  
​▪  Experience being a part      of something larger than      yourself
          We Welcome You!

Building Capacity ▪ Creating a Stronger Community

Food ▪ Clothing Distribution

The Foundation is committed to taking a holistic approach to food and clothing distribution. In addition to providing supplemental and nutritional food to residents in need. Those who come to our facility are assisted in identifying barriers to adequate food, in order to access resources that promote self-sufficiency. There is no charge.

For more information on how you can contribute canned goods and other non-perishable foods, as well as clean, gently-used clothing Click Here

"without community service,      we would not have a strong  quality of life. Its important  to the person who serves as  well as the recipient."

- Dorothy Height